The Best (Read Most Vibey) Sports Bars In Amsterdam

If you’re a die-hard sports fan wanting to catch some crazy vibes on game night over a couple of drinks, where in the world would you go? No-brainer alert…to a Sports Bar in Amsterdam! Amsterdam is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe for pub crawls with everything from centuries-old taverns to glam clubs dotting De Wallen (Red Light District), Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and other bustling nightlife hotspots that are popular among locals and visitors alike. And when it comes to an intense Soccer final or a gripping F1 climax, the Dutch know how to get out and get loud at popular sports-themed bars. The city’s splendid Sports Bar scene also caters to fans of Basketball, Rugby, Pool and Ice Hockey.

1. coco’s outback

Highlight: Aussie-themed bar known for its food, cocktails and adrenaline. Their quirky tagline ‘Lousy Food & Warm Beer!’ promises nothing but this vibrant destination delivers everything. Located in the heart of Amsterdam and considered to be the No. 1 Sports Bar in the Netherlands, Coco’s Outback offers round-the-clock live sports and entertainment for everyone. From Football, Rugby, Formula 1, Ice Hockey and Basketball to Quidditch, Handball, Baseball and Cricket, watch it all on big screens. Challenge your friends to a round of Pool or Darts, and try some fine cocktails or craft beers. They also have a Trivia Tuesday, a monthly pub quiz event for quiz-lovers and fun cocktail workshops. If you prefer the outdoors, relax on their cosy terrace on one of the busy squares in Amsterdam and indulge in another popular sport – people watching!

Coco’s Outback | Address: Thorbeckeplein 8-12, 1017 CS Amsterdam, +3120 627 2423

2. satellite sports cafe

Highlight: The best Spare Ribs Amsterdam has to offer with a side of Football. Another popular destination is Leidseplein, known as one of the best Outdoor. Terrace Sports Bars in Amsterdam, Satellite Sports Café offers live broadcasts of sports like Boxing, Superbowl, Rugby, Football, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Cycling, Tennis and Golf. The space accommodates up to 300 people and provides a high-spirited ambience to elevate your game night.

Satellite Sports Cafe | Address: Leidseplein 11, 1017 PS Amsterdam, +3120 427 2529

3. plan b

Highlight The best pool hall in Amsterdam and epic boozy Jenga. If indulgence in your favourite sport is your agenda, include Plan B in your game plan. The place oozes barroom culture with thirteen professional pool tables set up for beginners and advanced players. They’re a professional pool club, with quite a few teams represented in regional and national competitions. House tournaments are held every week – beginners tournaments on Mondays and advanced tournaments on Tuesdays. Housed in a large but cosy room, the bar has something for every sports lover. Darts, Table Tennis, Quizzes, and of course, speciality beer to get your spirits up. Huge TV screens show the most important sports matches every day, from Football to Formula 1. Want to have fun with boozy board games? How about chess, Monopoly, Settlers or a challenging game of Drunk Jenga?

Plan B | Address: Overtoom 209, 1054 HT Amsterdam, +31 20 845 6221

4. belushi’s bar

Highlight: Amsterdam’s longest Happy Hour. Plays from 10am until midnight every day. Situated on the edge of Amsterdam’s Red Light District just off Dam Square, Belushi’s Kitchen & Bar hosts a restaurant with a cool ambience with pictures of rockstars and a relaxing garden to step out for some fresh air during half-time. The venue has a 350-people capacity and is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks seven days a week with huge HD screens, pool tables and DJ’s playing alternative party hits and indie classics. Their awesome menu is loaded with an awesome selection of bar snacks, burgers, wraps and more with thoughtfully included vegan options.

Belushi’s Bar | Address: Warmoesstraat 129, 1012 JA Amsterdam +31 20 623 1380

5. three sisters pub

Highlight: To help you cheer louder for your team they serve everything on the menu, all day! Located in Rembrandtplein and known for its warm decor, homely ambience and comfortable seating, this Sports Bar lets you catch the action as it happens with a good view of the screens from all around. You can find their sports calendar on their website (they also consider special requests). The menu features a fine selection of soups, sandwiches, burgers, paninis and more and includes vegetarian-friendly options

Three sisters Pub | Address: Rembrandtplein 19, 1017 CT Amsterdam +31 20 626 3346

6. bar regular & jack

Highlight: Real charcoal-Josper lunch and dinner. The perfect combination of grill and oven-cooked delicacies that score high with your tastebuds. Planted in the city centre near the ‘Rembrandt Square’ this popular venue lets you enjoy many special beers or delicious cocktails while watching your favourite game on one of the 15 big screens. Dutch, European and international matches of every sports feature on the daily watchlist.

Bar Regular & Check | Address: Vijzelstraat 37, 1017 HD Amsterdam + 31 20 771 0370

7. O’Donnell’s

At this Irish pub, you can count on catching your favorite football or rugby team on a spacious screen. Offering a selection of 12 beers on top, you’ll definitely find a satisfying drink and won’t go home thirsty. And after the match, you can enjoy a game of pool or engage in pleasant conversation on the outdoor terrace.

O’Donnel”s | Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 5, 1072 LA Amsterdam

8. Q-Factory

During important matches of the Dutch national team or Ajax (such as UEFA Champions League games or the cup final), Q-Factory transforms into ‘The Greatest Pub In The Netherlands’. Entry is free, but once the pub reaches its capacity, the doors are closed. So, it’s essential to arrive early to secure your spot.

Q-Factory | Address: Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam

9. The Butcher Social Club

The Butcher Social Club in Amsterdam-North offers a stylish setting to enjoy live sports. This trendy spot serves delicious burgers to keep hunger at bay while you watch the match. If you stay on Saturdays, live music starts at 8 p.m. And if you’re up for some fun, why not join the weekly beer pong tournament by registering with a friend?

The Butcher Social Club | Address: Overhoeksplein 1, 1031 KS Amsterdam

10. Café de Zeemeeuw

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this classic Dutch brown café is the ideal place to relish chilled beers and catch exciting sports events. With a warm ambiance, the café attracts both locals and tourists, ensuring a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Cafe De Zeemeeuw | Address: Zeedijk 102, 1012 BB Amsterdam


All in all, we think it is quite clear which locations are best to watch your favourite sports from! If, after all this, you are ready to explore some museums in Amsterdam, be sure to have a look at our article about the traditional museums in Amsterdam you can not miss out on.

Please share your favourite sports bar experiences with us in the comments below!

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