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Welcome to AboutNL, your guide to discovering the wonders of the Netherlands! In this small but beautiful country, you’ll find wealth of culture, art, and history to explore. We may not have big mountains or vast landscapes, but our rich history and famous traditions make more than make up for it.

At AboutNL, we love sharing the beauty of the Netherlands with travelers worldwide. Our goal is straightforward: to introduce you to the heart of the Dutch life, from Amsterdam’s canals, to Keukenhof’s tulip fields and everything in between. With captivating stories and beautiful pictures, we invite you to explore this beautiful country with us.

Each week, we share new articles filled with helpful insights and insider tips, enjoyed by our community of thousands. With over 420.000 members in our private Facebook group, the AboutNL family keeps expanding, bonded by our love for adventure and learning.

But this journey isn’t just about us – it’s about you and everyone looking to learn about the Netherlands. We’re excited to hear your suggestions and ideas, and are keen to customize our content to match your interests and preferences. Whether you’re looking for travel tips or eager to learn about Dutch history, our contact form is always open, ready to transform your suggestions into engaging stories.

So, join us to celebrate the charm of the Netherlands. As we say in Dutch, “Welkom bij Nederland” – welcome to Netherlands. Let’s explore together.

The team of AboutNL.

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Happy New Year ✨

Happy New Year ✨

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