6 Of Amsterdam’s traditional museums you can’t miss out on

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Make the most of your trip to Amsterdam. Why not explore some of best museums in amsterdam? Spectacular architecture is filled with history and many stories ranging from famous contemporary pieces to the world’s most extensive maritime collection. Not sure what tickles your fancy? We’ve highlighted a few of the top museums in Amsterdam, ensuring everyone can enjoy an insightful and fun-filled day out.


Amsterdam’s traditional museums

Also known as the Best Museums in Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum is history museum amsterdam amd is packed with Dutch history dating back to 1200 . The building stemmed from the late 1700s, combining Gothic and Renaissance elements, designed by Pierre Cuypers, giving the museum the sophistication it deserves. The Rijksmuseum underwent multiple gallery extensions over time to house the copious volume of precious art pieces, including significant aspects of European and Asian art. A timeline system was introduced from the middle ages to the present day. Walking around the galleries, it will be as if you’re walking through time. You’ll have the chance to see the work of famous artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, and many more!

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van gogh museum

van gogh museum amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum showcases astonishing pieces of work from the visionary artist Vincent van Gogh and provides an in-depth history of his artwork and inspiration. Dive in deeper, walk around the museum and see how Van Gogh’s work changed over time, slowly taking inspiration from Parisian and Japanese prints in the late nineteenth century. As well as his paintings, you can take the opportunity to see letters between him and his brother Theo van Gogh showcasing how close they were.

After the death of Theo, his wife Jo wanted to continue his wish for the world to see his brother’s pieces. Jo and her son packed up and moved to Amsterdam, where she went on to sell countless paintings. Her biggest exhibition was held at the Stedelijk Museum in 1905, showcasing more than 480 art pieces, quickly growing in fame. After Jo passed away, her son Vincent wanted to carry on his parent’s dream of exhibiting his uncle’s art. And became one of the founders of the Van Gogh Museum, continuing his creative legacy.

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Stedelijk museum

Stedelijk museum Amsterdam

A contemporary and modern art lover’s small piece of heaven. Founded in 1874, where a group of private citizens donated funds and their art collections to establish a museum dedicated to modern art. This quirky and intricately designed museum embodies the contemporary side, making it hard to miss! The Stedelijk museum used to focus on the contemporary works of Dutch and French masters. However, as times changed, so did the wider variety of modern and contemporary artwork.

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Anne Frank Huis

anne frank huis Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House is a one-of-a-kind, moving experience. The house shows how Anne and her family hid from the Germans after they invaded the Netherlands during WWII. Here you get to see and understand how they lived behind a bookshelf in a secret annex. During this time, Anne Frank, an aspirational writer, was gifted a diary for her thirteenth birthday, documenting her time and emotions during the two years in hiding.

After the war, her father, Otto Frank, the remaining survivor in the family, published Anne’s diary and turned their home into what it is today, raising awareness of the struggles against the discrimination and hatred of Jews.

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Nemo science museum

nemo science museum Amsterdam

The NEMO Science museum is a fun family outing filled with interactive exhibitions and experiments spanning over five floors, exploring the evolution of science and technology. Through the years, the museum has collected approximately 19,500 historical technology artifacts, telling you the story between humankind and energy. “The Energetica collection is unique in the Netherlands and contains some very rare items that are seldom found in the collections of technology museums abroad.” – Amsterdam Arts Council

The impressive structure, eye-catching from miles away, the largest science museum in the Netherlands, proves captivating to all ages. The museum, built in 1997 by Italian architect Renzo Piano, has its own piazza (city square) 22 meters above the water level. On a good day, you can access the rooftop square, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

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scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

The Scheepvaartmuseum, translated to the National Maritime Museum, has the world’s largest maritime collection of paintings, ship models, navigation instruments, and sea charts. A replica of the Dutch East Indiaman ship is docked next to the museum. Here you can go back in time and do many things like walk through the ship, lay in the hammocks, and visit the captain’s cabin.

In the west wing, there is “The tale of the whale” interactive exhibit, where you can learn how whales were seen as monsters and have now turned into an endangered species. The best part is you can go into the mouth of a giant whale!

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Final Thoughts

Museums are a wonderful way to pass time and learn about historical events especially amsterdam museum events. Be it the founding of museums and how they came to be, or the history behind art and artefacts and what story they have to share. As we now know, there are so many options to choose from! Exploring ships, admiring art, or understanding the science behind the technology. We hope this blog answers any questions you may have. Enjoy discovering historical secrets!

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