10 Awesome Vegetarian Restaurants You Need to Try in Amsterdam!

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Amsterdam is a real paradise for vegans and vegetarians – no matter what you’re craving.Colorful, fresh veggie bowls? Check. Refined meatless dinners? You bet. Chocolatey plant-based pastries? Heck yeah! With so many great veggie eateries to try in Amsterdam, it can be difficult to choose which ones to start with. That’s why we’ve selected the 10 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam, just for you! Let’s get right into it:

1. Meatless District

With locations in De Pijp and Amsterdam West, Meatless District is a modern eatery that specializes in 100% plant-based world cuisine. Here, you’ll find cozy vibes, excellent cocktails, and dishes made with lots of locally sourced products. This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam if you’re traveling with a group. Their varied menu means that anyone can find a dish to get excited about – no matter whether they’re vegan or not!

Meatless District | Bilderdijkstraat 65-7, Oud-West / Van Woustraat 189-191, De Pijp

2. Flower Burger

Flower Burger is an all-vegan burger joint located on the Hartenstraat, one of Amsterdam’s famous Nine Little Streets (Negen Straatjes). Here, you’ll find juicy, delicious burgers that also happen to taste healthier than most other vegan burgers out there. Their patties are made of mushrooms, chickpeas, beans, and more! But Flower Burger’s main attraction are the colorful buns that make their meals incredibly instagrammable. Of course, the dyes used to color the bread are all-natural – made of beetroot and cherry extract, vegetable charcoal, or turmeric.

Burger | Hartenstraat 29, Centrum

3. Mr. Stacks

Mmm, pancakes! I can’t think of a better way to start a day of exploring Amsterdam than to enjoy some warm, vegan pancakes. Mr. Stacks offers pancakes for every taste – sweet or savory, classic with some syrup and nuts or covered with unique toppings. Though the Dutch are known for making some deliciously thin, crêpe-style pancakes, the pancakes you’ll find here are of the American type. Thick, fluffy, and served in large portions, these are some of the finest pancakes in Amsterdam.

Mr. Stacks | Govert Flinckstraat 122, De Pijp

4. yerba

This is the place to be for those looking for an upscale vegetable experience in Amsterdam. Serving mostly vegan dishes, Yerba calls itself a “plant-forward restaurant”. I can’t think of a better way to describe it!b If you come for dinner, Yerba’s open kitchen will heighten anticipation while you wait for your four, five, or six surprise courses. It’s also possible to visit for brunch, when equally toothsome dishes are served à la carte. No matter your choice, one thing is certain: Yerba’s unexpected combinations of seasonal vegetables will blow your mind (and your taste buds)!

Yerba | Ruysdaelstraat 48, Oud-Zuid

5. Mr. and Mrs. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Watson is a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam East that specializes in plant-based cheeses. Not just any plant-based cheeses, but perfectly textured, gloriously tasting ones. And they are all produced by the restaurant itself! The cheeses are presented on their menu in different ways – for example, as an extravagant prosecco fondue or a decadent slice of cheddar in one of their burgers. If you want to try a couple of options, I recommend that you order their cheese platters.

Should you no longer see yourself living without Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s vegan cheeses after your visit, you’ll also be able to buy some to take home. A decision you won’t regret, I promise!

Mr. & Mrs. Watson | Linnaeuskade 3, Oost

6. Spirit

Spirit is a casual vegetarian buffet in Amsterdam East. Here, you’ll have a hard time choosing what to put on your plate – which for a vegetarian can feel like real luxury! Spirit’s dishes taste like home-cooked food, something that I particularly miss while on longer trips. If this sounds like you, you’ll find dining at Spirit during your stay in Amsterdam to be especially comforting. P.S. The dessert part of their buffet is to die for, so leave some space in your stomach for that!

Spirit | Czaar Peterstraat 2a, Oost

7. maoz

Sometimes all a traveler needs is to quickly refuel before they can continue exploring. If you need a quick veggie bite whilst wandering around Amsterdam’s extraordinary buildings, don’t panic! Maoz has got you covered. With four locations in the center of Amsterdam, Maoz specializes in serving tasty falafel dishes for a small price. Their falafel sandwiches start at just €5.90!

My favorite thing about Maoz is that you can help yourself to as many toppings as you’d like at no extra cost. Their buffet includes grilled vegetables, coleslaw, a variety of sauces, and more. If you’re looking for a fully vegan snack, choose only plant-based sauces and you’ll be good to go – nothing else in the sandwich contains animal products!

Maoz | Muntplein 1, Centrum / Leidsestraat 85, Centrum / Albert Cuypstraat 67, De Pijp

8. olive and cookies

Olive and Cookie is a laid-back eatery that serves fine vegetarian and vegan food. When it comes to cooking, sometimes less is more. And that’s the most accurate way I can describe Olive and Cookie! Here, you’ll find uncomplicated dishes – such as red pesto pasta, leek quiches, and soups made from whatever vegetables are in season. But despite their simplicity, everything they serve here is delicious!

Before you visit Olive and Cookie, I must warn you of two things. First, there are not many tables available so it’s more of a take-away place. And second, their sweet treats are absurdly moreish. Please don’t skip them and have one for me!

Olive and Cookie | Saenredamstraat 67HS, De Pijp

9. mastino pizza

I can hear the sighs of some Italians at the idea of an all-vegan pizzeria… but Mastino serves outstanding pizza, period. The highlight here is their plant-based mozzarella – some real cheesy goodness that you’d never suspect is made from lentils! Plus, Mastino’s pizza bases are all sourdough and baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Feeling like a sweet treat? Please do yourself a favor and order their chocolate pizza. Topped with blueberries and dried fruit, I sometimes catch myself craving a slice since the first time I tried it months ago!

Mastino Vegan Pizza | Eerste van der Helststraat 78H, De Pijp

10. vegan sushi bar

Vegan Sushi Bar is the first vegan sushi place in the Netherlands! They have two fully plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam – one in West, and another one in East Not only is the sushi here delicious, it’s also amazingly colorful! Sometimes including unusual ingredients such as mango, coconut or truffle mayonnaise, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from ordering extra portions at Vegan Sushi Bar.

Vegan Sushi Bar | Kinkerstraat 83H, Oud-West / Wittenburgergracht 143, Oost


Amsterdam’s thriving vegan/vegetarian scene is a true reflection of the city’s character. Firstly, it’s a place where you are sure to find your crowd, no matter who you are. And secondly, sustainability and conscious living are more mainstream in Amsterdam than in most other capitals!Ready to explore Amsterdam’s veggie scene? Don’t forget to tag us on social media (@dernederlanden) when you visit some of the restaurants on this list. We love seeing some foodie pics!

Eet smakelijk! 😉 🇳🇱

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