15 Best Cocktail Bars In Amsterdam To Sip And Savor

best cocktail bar in amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can find many places to enjoy delicious cocktails. But which bars offer a special experience? Where can you watch talented bartenders create unique drinks? Get your friends together, dress nicely, and have a great time trying Amsterdam’s cocktails culture at these 15 top cocktail bars.

Most cocktail bars in the list are conveniently located near the Amsterdam city center. They’re easy to reach from the train station and just a short walk from Dam Square. To help you out, we’ll start with the cocktail bars in central Amsterdam or around and then share other great spots across the city. We keep updating this list to include new bars and let you know if any of them close down.

1. Momo:

MOMO is between Leidseplein and Museumplein and has cool cocktails like Shichimi, Hattori Hanzo, Bom Dia, and Tokyo Rose. MOMO mixes Eastern culture with Western style, which is pretty nice.

The bartenders use fresh ingredients to make the cocktails awesome and s e looks stylish, the vibe is awesome, and the music is cool. MOMO is a super cool place in Amsterdam that always remains in style!

Check Momo cocktail menu Here!

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2. Sky Bar:

Located within Amsterdam’s Fashion Hotel, the Skyy Bar offers an incredible experience with panoramic views and delicious cocktails. The bartenders are true masters –  they can make classic drinks or create something special just for you.

When Thursday, Friday, and Saturday roll around, the Skyy Bar transforms into a dance hub with DJs spinning tunes, setting the stage for an unforgettable night out. With a combination of cocktails, tasty bites, and groovy music, the Skyy Bar knows no boundaries when it comes to delivering a fantastic time!

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3. Twenty Third Bar:

Do you want to see an amazing view of the city from a high point in Amsterdam? Visit Twenty Third Bar, a beautiful rooftop bar in the famous Okura Hotel. They have delicious champagne cocktails that you can try.

If you’re hungry, you can also order a delicious meal from the fancy Michelin-starred Ciel Bleu restaurant next door. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out with friends, celebrating with family, or celebrating a special date – Twenty Third Bar has something for everyone to enjoy.

Check Twenty Third bar cocktail menu Here!

4. Labyrinth Cocktail Bar:

The Labyrinth cocktail bar is one of the best bars and is managed by Sam Kingue Ebelle, a well-known expert in drinks who has worked in top bars worldwide. Inspired by Africa, Bar Labyrinth is proud to be located in the green center of Amsterdam, close to the Vondelpark.

Bar Labyrinth isn’t just a spot for incredibly unique cocktails; it also offers African-Caribbean soul food (with lots of options for vegetarians), music, and poetry, making it a cultural cocktail bar with more to offer.

Check Labyrinth bar cocktail menu Here!

5. Mr. Porter:

At the top of the luxurious W Hotel in Amsterdam, you’ll discover Mr. Porter – a refined steakhouse that not only serves exceptional food but also an extensive cocktail menu. Located within a historic government office building, Mr. Porter offers panoramic views of Het Paleis op de Dam through its windows and a spectacular terrace.

The cocktail menu changes and is thoughtfully divided into categories of refreshing, exotic and strong options, ensuring an easy-to-fit selection depending on your tastes.

Check Mr. Poter cocktail menu Here!

6. Pulitzer Bar:

Located in the Pulitzer Hotel, there’s an award-winning bar designed in the Art Deco style called the Pulitzer’s Bar. The cocktails here are inspired by Ernest Hemingway. If you like rose flavors, try the fruity-floral Love Letter Cobbler – many people love it.

The bartenders there are really good at making old favourite drinks. The snack menu available makes you excited. Prices at Pulitzer Bar are a bit high, but it’s perfect for special occasions. All guests must be seated, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere even when it’s busy.

Check Pulitzer bar Cocktail menu Here!

7. Suzy Wong’s Cocktail Bar:

Stepping into Suzy Wong’s cocktail bar is like entering the world of a captivating novel. Inspired by “Suzie Wong’s World”, the bar mixes modern American, Oriental, and classic French styles to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Cocktails like the Asian Temptation, Badboy, and Japanese Stripper capture the essence and invite you to savor the flavors of Suzie Wong’s story. The combination of atmosphere and beverages creates an immersive experience that transports you to a land where art and connection collide.

Check Suzy Wong Cocktail menu Here!

8. The Butcher:

The Butcher is unlike any other burger bar and offers a unique experience. Finding your way to this cocktail spot on Albert Cuypstraat is a bit different – you need a special password to get in. You can get this password by sending an email or making a reservation beforehand.

Once you step inside, a friendly hostess will lead you to comfy velvet couches to enjoy special cocktails like the Spicy Crusta and Belladona. The Belladonna is a delightful summer classic cocktail with beet juice, citrus gin, and black raspberry liqueur.

The bar transforms into a classy dance club as the evening goes on, so dressing up adds to the whole experience. Want to enjoy having fun or by playing sports in Amsterdam? If so, must read our most on Sports BAr In Amsterdam.

Check Butcher Cocktail menu Here!

9. Dutch Courage:

Having spent an evening at Dutch Courage, it’s clear that this place is unique. With an impressive collection of 150 jenevers from all over the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany and an array of jenever-based cocktails, it’s a true celebration of this traditional Dutch spirit. 

Alongside the famous genever cocktails, they also offer ‘kopstootjes’ – unique combinations of jenever and regional beers. Tess and Timo’s (staff) expertise ensures that Dutch Courage caters to every taste preference. 

Check Dutch Courage Cocktail menu Here!

10. Tales & Spirits:

Located on a charming street between Singel and Spuistraat, this Dutch cocktail bar is loved by both locals and visitors. Tales & Spirits offers a unique drinking experience focusing on innovative cocktails and an exciting menu. Inside, the bar’s ambience features crystal chandeliers and soft lighting.

Cocktails cater to all tastes, with creative names like Goblefunk and innovative versions of classic favourites. What makes Tales & Spirits truly special is the story behind each drink, which turns selecting and crafting a cocktail into an engaging journey.

Check Tales & Spirit Cocktail menu Here!

11. Gin Tonic Cocktail Bar:

Exploring the picturesque canals of Amsterdam by boat is an absolute delight. How about joining a gin and tonic cruise and seeing the city from a completely different perspective? During this 1.5 to 2 hour cruise on a luxury boat, passengers are treated to 3 gin tonics expertly prepared by the onboard-staff.

Gin and tonic boat trips are also available for a variety of private events, from hen parties to team building events. And if that’s not enough, you can even join a luxury canal cruise in Amsterdam, where you can order cocktails while enjoying the beauty of the city.

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12. Izakaya:

Nestled in Amsterdam’s Pijp neighbourhood, Izakaya is a captivating blend of urban style and relaxation. Izakaya is a popular restaurant and bar in Amsterdam that blends Japanese and American flavors. They offer top-quality cocktails too. Their menu has lots of small dishes for sharing and special grill dishes you shouldn’t miss.

Check Iazkaya Cocktail menu Here!

13. Hiding In Plain Sight:

Hidding in Plain Sight is a really cool place in Amsterdam that not many people know about.  When you go inside, it feels cozy and friendly, and they have lots of different cocktails to choose from.

Don’t forget to try their famous Walking Dead cocktail – it’s served in a fancy skull glass that’s on fire, with yummy olives next to it. They also have pasta straws which are unique. The staff are nice and helpful, and sometimes they have live music events, which is exciting.

Check Hidding In Plain Sight cocktail menu Here!

14. Rosalia’s Menagerie:

While you’re checking out the Red Light District, make sure to stop by Rosalia’s Menagerie. This cocktail bar in Amsterdam has amazing decorations like pretty artwork and soft velvet cushions.

Inventive cocktail menu changes seasonally, so you can find something you like, whether it’s a regular cocktail or one of their special ones. The mixologists are nice and will make you a delicious drink at Rosalia’s Menagerie. They also have tasty snacks like olives, bitterballen, and hummus if you’re hungry.

Check Rosalia’s Menagerie Cocktail menu Here!

15. Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar:

Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar is located on Prinsengracht. It’s a great place for dinner and homemade cocktails. From 6 to 8 pm every day, you can have cocktails and free snacks from the bar menu.

The cocktail menu is organized by different time periods, so you can enjoy well-made drinks from different years. Don’t forget to try the New York Sour cocktail – it’s a must. Plus, you get an amazing view of Amsterdam’s canals!

Check Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar Cocktail menu Here!