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Best Date Ideas And Activities For Couples

14 Best Date Ideas & Activities In Rotterdam For Coupes

Saqlain6 min read

Rotterdam is an ideal destination for couples looking for a memorable date. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, there are a variety of options to suit different interests and preferences. The city has good streets, cool bars and great…

halal restaurant amsterdam

Top 15 Halal restaurant in rotterdam For Best Food & Drinks

Saqlain8 min read

Rotterdam is a charming city with a diverse food culture. Whether you are a local or just visiting Rotterdam as a tourist, finding a halal meal can be a difficult task. Good news! We have compiled a list of 15…

Oliebollen: A Traditional Dutch New Year Dish

Oliebollen: A Traditional Dutch New Year Dish

Levi Bom5 min read

The holiday season has this incredible magic – it’s all about warmth, joy, and being with loved ones. And what better way to celebrate this festive season than by indulging in delicious treats passed down from generation to generation? One…

Canal in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals Facts & Most Asked Questions

lisa de wit8 min read

Amsterdam is known for its diverse attractions, including the Red Light District, coffee shops, and museums. However, among its iconic features are the canals, which have held a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List since August 1, 2010. The…

Amsterdam houses

Why Do Amsterdam Houses Crooked and Leaning Forward?

Levi Bom7 min read

If you’ve ever walked the charming streets of Amsterdam’s city center, you’ve noticed something interesting about the houses. They appear slightly crooked, leaning forward with a unique charm. But what’s the story behind this architectural quirk that makes Amsterdam’s houses…