Best Turkish Restaurants In Amsterdam To Taste of Turks Cuisine

Turks Restaurant amsterdam

While exploring the lovely canals of Amsterdam, are you feeling hungry and looking for yummy doner kebab or and cooked lamb? Well, You’re in luck! Amsterdam has many Turkish restaurants to satisfy your cravings. As you walk through the streets, the wonderful smell of spices and grilled meat will catch your attention and makes your apetite grow stronger.

Having many options for eating turks cuisine, picking the perfect might be a little hard. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. Below is a list of the best Turkse restaurants in Amsterdam.

1. Ali Ocakbasi:

Ali Ocakbaşı is an Istanbul-origin restaurant having many branches in Europe and also in the heart of Amsterdam, presenting a unique combination of traditional Turkish flavors. Their specialty is ocakbaşı – a unique Turkish barbecue fashion that brings out the juicy flavors of the beef. However, their Adana kebab and lamb chops are should-strive items, even as Baklava is a sweet end to my meal.

What makes Ali Ocakbaşı stand out is its attention to customer service. They open at noon and stay open late into the night, making it a great option for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant maintains high standards of cleanliness, and a clean dining area and kitchen. Whilst the prices might be slightly higher compared to other.

Ali Ocakbaşı | Herengracht 558, 1017 CG Amsterdam

2. Meram Restaurant:

Meram Restaurant, with numerous branches across Amsterdam, is popular among locals and tourists. They provide a wide range of Turkish dishes, from kebabs to pies, organized with sparkling ingredients and conventional recipes. Their blended grill and Iskender kebab are fan favorites, and their Turkish tea flawlessly accompanies any meal. Moreover, the children’s special menu, make’s it a brilliant preference for family outings. It is open from morning till late night and their prices are reasonable, although maintaining a good quality of food.

Meram Restaurant | Various Branches

3. Sahan Restaurant:

Next up is Sahan, a restaurant acknowledged for its traditional Turkish breakfast. Here, you’ll discover a delightful spread of cheeses, olives, sparkling tomatoes, and cucumber, complemented by homemade bread and various spreads and jams. The special dish is the menemen – a traditional Turkish scrambled egg dish cooked with tomatoes and peppers.

But Sahan is more than just a breakfast spot. The restaurant also serves a range of dishes for lunch and dinner. Their restaurant is always kept clean and tidy, which adds to the overall dining experience. When it comes to value for money, you’ll find that their prices are well justified by the quality and quantity of the food.

Sahan Restaurant | Tussen Meer 66, 1068 GC Amsterdam

4. Levant Restaurant:

The Levant, a Turkish restaurant in Amsterdam, that operates daily from 5 PM to 11 PM, also facilitated through their online system. The menu features fresh, traditional Turkish dishes, including standout items like ‘Meze Tabağı’ and ‘İskender Kebap.’ Positive reviews highlight their authenticity and clean environment. The Levant offers an inviting culinary journey to Turkey, making it a must-visit spot in Amsterdam.

Levant Restaurant |  Weteringschans 93, 1017 RZ Amsterdam

5. Leeman Doner:

Leeman Doner is famous for having the best Döner Kebab in Amsterdam. This simple and delicious eatery is a favorite among locals, offering mouth-watering Turkish sandwiches and snacks at affordable prices. Their Döner Kebab is juicy and flavorful, served on Turkish bread. They also provide a range of Turkish pizzas and snacks, perfect for a quick chunk on the cross. If we talk about their prices then they are incredibly affordable, making it a great value for money. The taste and best in their food justify every penny you spend. 

Leeman Doner | Van Woustraat 160, 1073 LW Amsterdam

6. Agora Restaurant:

Agora Restaurant is a family-owned buisness that takes great pride in offering genuine Turkish cuisine and you can visit them from late morning till midnight. The restaurant’s interior is decorated, providing a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. They provide a diverse menu, with their Ali Nazik, a dish of grilled eggplant with minced meat and yogurt, standout. Baklava and Turkish coffee are the correct stop to a satisfying meal. With its pleasant carrier, delicious food, and homely atmosphere, Agora Restaurant is an area where you can experience proper Turkish hospitality at affordable prices in Amsterdam. 

Agora Restaurant | Herengracht 435, 1017 BR Amsterdam

7. Bir Tat:

Bir Tat is a small but charming eating place in Amsterdam. They offer a variety of traditional Turkish dishes prepared with love and care. The menu is easy, but each dish is full of taste. The Gozleme, a conventional Turkish flatbread with numerous fillings, and the Menemen, a Turkish-style scrambled egg, are have-to-strive items. They’re open from lunchtime until late at night. The restaurant maintains a clean and organized environment. While their prices may be slightly higher than others,  make it a good value for money. 

Bir Tat | Bos en Lommerweg 242, 1055 EJ Amsterdam

8. Sinbad Restaurant:

Sinbad Restaurant, situated in the stylish De Pijp location, is well-known for its delicious and rich Turkish meals and it operates from noon till late night.. The eating place’s decor provides a comfortable and friendly ecosystem, making it a fantastic region to dine in. They offer numerous kebabs and mezze, with their Lamb Shish Kebab and Hummus being standout dishes. The quantities are generous, ensuring a hearty meal to satisfy you. The cleanliness of the restaurant is also commendable. When it comes to pricing, you’ll find that it’s reasonable considering the quality and uniqueness of their dishes. With its tasty meals, pleasant service, and comfortable surroundings, Sinbad Restaurant is a notable region to relax and experience a Turkish ceremonial dinner in Amsterdam. 

Sinbad Restaurant  | Eerste Oosterparkstraat 137-139, 1091 GZ Amsterdam

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9. Günaydin Restaurant:

Günaydin Restaurant is a Turkish steakhouse acknowledged for its premium fine meat and actual flavors. The interior is modern and elegant, creating a comfortable dining ambiance. They’re open from breakfast till late at night, catering to all your meal needs. The restaurant is well-maintained and clean. The pricing is fair, given the quality, quantity, and variety of dishes available.Their menu is a paradise for meat lovers, featuring a variety of steaks, kebabs, and burgers. The Adana Kebab and the Mixed Grill are must-try items.

The Baklava, served with Turkish ice cream, is a candy finishing to a meat-heavy meal. With its wonderful food, attentive provider, and sublime interior, Günaydin Restaurant gives Amsterdam a top-class Turkish dining revel. 

Günaydin Restaurant | Prinsengracht 188, H, 1016 HC Amsterdam 

10. Cafe Istanbul:

Last but not least, is a stunning eatery that offers a cozy environment to enjoy delectable Turkish cuisine near Amsterdam Central Station. They’re open from lunchtime till late night. The café is kept clean and tidy, adding to the comfortable atmosphere. The pricing is reasonable, especially when considering the quality and authenticity of the food. 

They offer several Turkish dishes, from kebabs to pieces, all prepared with fresh components and traditional recipes. Their Mixed Grill and Lahmacun are well worth trying, and their Turkish tea perfectly accompanies any meal. Café Istanbul is a top-notch region to revel in a Turkish meal even as exploring Amsterdam. 

Café Istanbul | Nieuwendijk 51 1012 MB Amsterdam

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There you have it – the 10 best Turkish restaurants in Amsterdam. Each gives a unique eating experience, allowing you to discover the wealthy flavors of Turkish cuisine. Whether you’re a local or a tourist  trying to attempt something distinctive,  these restaurants will make you happy. So, when you’re in Amsterdam next time, why not explore a taste of Turkey without even leaving the city?

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