Everything there is to know about the Netherlands

where is the I Amsterdam sign located in 2024

Everything there is to know about the Netherlands
I Amsterdam slogan with crowd of tourists in Amsterdam.

Every prominent city has a symbol that reflects its identity. For Amsterdam, it’s the iconic “I Amsterdam” sign. These letters, standing tall and proud, have become a major tourist magnet, attracting thousands of visitors daily. In this article, we will delve into the history of this symbol, its locations, and the reasons behind its movements.

History of the “I Amsterdam” Sign:

The “I Amsterdam” sign was initially installed in 2004 as part of a city marketing campaign by a Dutch advertising firm, KesselsKramer. The goal was to create a visual representation of Amsterdam’s unique identity, highlighting the city’s diversity and creativity. The sign, a wordplay on the phrase “I am Amsterdam,” was intended to symbolize inclusivity, suggesting that everyone—residents, workers, students, and visitors alike—belongs to Amsterdam.

The Initial Location: Museumplein:

For more than ten years, the “I Amsterdam” sign stood proudly on Museumplein, south of Amsterdam. Its prime location in front of the Rijksmuseum and near the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum made it a must-visit spot for tourists. The sign was incredibly popular, with around 6,000 selfies taken in front of it every day.

Why Was the “I Amsterdam” Sign Removed from Museumplein?:

As the sign’s popularity grew, so did concerns about overcrowding and the impact of mass tourism on the city’s infrastructure. These concerns led to the removal of the sign from Museumplein in 2018. The idea was proposed by Femke Roosma, a city councillor from the left-wing GroenLinks party. Roosma argued that the sign was promoting individualism and reducing the city to a mere backdrop in a marketing story. The municipality agreed with this viewpoint, and the sign was removed in December 2018.

Everything there is to know about the Netherlands
Amsterdam sign at Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Current Locations of the “I Amsterdam” Sign:

While the original letters were removed from Museumplein, they were not discarded. Instead, they have been relocated and installed in different parts of the city, serving the same purpose yet in a more distributed manner.

Schiphol Airpot:

The most easily accessible set of “I Amsterdam” letters can be found at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, placed just outside Arrivals. This strategic placement serves as a warm welcome to travelers, inviting them to begin their Amsterdam journey with a memorable snapshot.

Sloterplas Lake:

Another location of the “I Amsterdam” sign is Sloterplas Lake in Amsterdam’s West. However, this version is slightly different. While the letters spelling “I am dam” stand upright, the characters forming “ster” lie flat. This makes it a great spot for a picnic, but perhaps not as perfect for the classic photo opportunity.

Everything there is to know about the Netherlands

The Travelling Set:

The original Museumplein set of letters didn’t retire but instead embarked on a journey. They now appear at various events and festivals throughout the city and the surrounding region, spotlighting lesser-known neighborhoods and attractions. This set’s exact location varies, so it’s advisable to check social media updates or the official I Amsterdam website for real-time information.

Capturing the Perfect Photo with the “I Amsterdam” Sign:

When it comes to capturing the perfect photo with the “I Amsterdam” sign, creativity is key! Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and poses to make your photo unique. Interact with the sign itself, climb on the letters, strike a pose, and let your imagination run wild. Remember to use the hashtag #IAmsterdam when sharing your photos on social media.

Final Thoughts:

The “I Amsterdam” sign, despite its movements and controversies, remains an iconic symbol of the city. It continues to attract thousands of tourists and locals alike, serving as a reminder of Amsterdam’s unique spirit and identity. So, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, don’t miss out on the opportunity to snap a picture with this iconic sign during your Amsterdam journey.