time machine vintage shop

Guide To 10 Best Thrift Stores In Amsterdam

time machine vintage shop

Planning to thrift shop in Amsterdam but confused about finding the best thrift store? Many stores are great, but there are also some where you’ll probably spend more time than you expect because of their amazing selection of second-hand clothing. If you’re on a budget, love fashion, and always like finding a great deal, visit one of our favorite thrift stores listed below.

1. Time Machine Vintage:

Let’s start our thrift store adventure with a visit to Time Machine Vintage, Amsterdam’s first-ever vintage shop. Established in 1969, this small boutique near the Red Light District is a true gem for fashion lovers.  Once you step inside, you’ll discover a world of vintage clothes at reasonable prices—things like silk blouses, unique accessories, and printed dresses. They have second-hand and vintage clothes for both men and women. So, if you’re looking for a classic piece to add to your wardrobe, Time Machine Vintage is the place to go.

Time Machine | Nieuwe Hoogstraat 5A, 1011 HC Amsterdam | Monday-Saturday : 11am – 7pm (sunday: 12-6pm)

2. Episode:

Next up is Episode, a well-known chain of thrift shops spread across Amsterdam. You’ll find them in popular areas like the 9 Streets, Waterlooplein, and Spiegelstraat. Episode is a favorite for people who enjoy bargains and love vintage stuff. Take a look around their nicely organized stores with two floors, and you’ll discover a wide range of second-hand clothes. Whether you’re into retro sports jerseys, graphic tees, or clothing from various decades, Episode has got you covered.

Episode | Various Locations | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

3. Kiloshop:

For a unique and ecological shopping experience, head to Kiloshop. With branches in De Pijp and Waterlooplein, Kiloshop offers a distinctive concept. At there clothing is weighed on scales to determine its price. This sustainable approach ensures that you pay for the weight of the items you choose, making it a budget-friendly option. Explore their range of vintage fashion, including 80s-style jumpers, fur jackets, summer dresses, sunglasses, and high-quality second-hand denim jeans. Plus, Kiloshop allows you to recycle your old clothes, giving them a new life.

Kiloshop | Various Locations | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

4. Rumors Vintage & Design:

Located on Haarlemmerstraat, Rumors Vintage & Design is a beloved thrift shop where you can give your wardrobe a stylish makeover. They have a wide range of vintage and second-hand clothes, including 70s platform boots, funky shirts, vintage jumpsuits, and corduroy dungarees. It’s the kind of place where you can spend hours trying on different outfits and discovering unique finds. The prices are reasonable, and since it’s close to the 9 Streets, it’s a convenient stop for your day of sightseeing.

Rumors Vintage & Design | Haarlemmerstraat 29, 1013 EJ Amsterdam | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

5. Mood Indigo

For denim enthusiasts, Mood Indigo is the place to check out. It’s a popular thrift shop located on Damstraat known for its wide range of high-quality denim items. Whether you’re into biker jackets, cozy shearling coats, or just rows of denim, you’re sure to discover something that’ll upgrade your wardrobe. What makes Mood Indigo stand out is the excellent condition of their clothes. Even though many items are second-hand, they often look almost brand new.

Moodindigo | Nieuwe Hoogstraat 8, 1011 HE Amsterdam | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

6. Bij Ons Vintage:

Bij Ons Vintage is a unique shop that sells second-hand, military-inspired, and vintage clothing. It’s conveniently located near Mood Indigo, so it’s worth a visit. The store is well-organized with separate sections for women and men. You’ll find a variety of casual wear and stylish additions, including men’s suits and ties, as well as ladies’ dresses in different styles. Explore their collection of vintage army backpacks, military jackets, hair accessories, sneakers, shoes, hats, scarves, and printed dresses. Bijons is a haven for vintage lovers and those who want to stay fashion-forward.

Bij Ons Vintage | Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150, 1012 SJ Amsterdam, | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

7. Mooi:

For those looking for luxury items without breaking the bank, Mooi is the place to go. Located on the Scheldestraat, this thrift store specializes in selling pre-owned designer items and luxury goods. Whether you’re dreaming of a Louis Vuitton bag, an Hermès scarf, or looking for Gucci shoes, Chanel purses, or Dior sunglasses, Moi has you covered. They also have second hand clothes from famous high street brands like Mango, H&M and Zara. Mooi offers reasonable prices for these well-known brands, making it a paradise for fashion lovers on a budget.

Mooi | Scheldestraat 58, 1078 GM Amsterdam | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

8. Zipper:

Zipper fantastic thrift store providing everyday vintage, including Birkenstocks, and items perfect for costume parties like tie-dye shirts, Hawaiian shirts, bandanas, petticoat skirts, army garb, combat boots, and 80s jogging suits adorned with cartoon characters. It stands as one of Amsterdam’s best thrift stores.

Zipper | Various Locations | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm mostly

9. Laura Dols:

Laura Dols is a charming boutique for stylists, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of dresses, suits, accessories, and more. From petticoats to fifties-inspired outfits, Laura Dols is a must-visit for those seeking a touch of glamour and sophistication. Even if you’re not into second-hand outfits, the store’s unique atmosphere makes it worth a visit.

Laura Dols | Wolvenstraat 7, 1016 EM Amsterdam | Monday – Sunday : 11am – 6pm mostly

10. De Ruilhoek:

Situated in Amsterdam, this shop focuses on second-hand designer clothing and shoes. It’s a family-friendly space offering items for parents and kids across its expansive two floors. One of the great advantage  is that you can bring your old clothes, but keep in mind they only accept clothes that are less than two years old.

De Ruilhoek | Maasstraat 146, 1079 BK Amsterdam


Amsterdam’s thrift stores are like a paradise for people who love fashion, old things, and sustainable shopping. Whether you’re into unique vintage pieces or want to stay in style without spending too much, these stores have something for you. From the well-known Episode to the hidden gems like Mooi, Amsterdam’s vintage scene is ready to be discovered. So, let your fashion ideas flow and start a fun adventure of thrift shopping in the lively streets of Amsterdam.