9 Best Swimming Pools In Amsterdam 2024

De Mirandabad

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is famous for its canals, culture, museums and other historical sites and is a great destination for locals and tourists alike. However, when the sun shines on Amsterdam in the summer, people find ways to beat the heat. Fortunately, this vibrant city offers plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools and other beautiful spots to take a dip and enjoy the water.

We’ve provided a guide to the best swimming pools of Amsterdam and categorized them based on different themes and activities where you can dip, relax, exercise or have fun with your family/friends without worrying about any toxic green algae blooms in the water. 

1. Zuiver Hotel and Wellness

The Spa Zuiver Hotel and Wellness is a perfect place for a date with your partner or an afternoon of self-care. This luxurious spa offers a range of indoor and outdoor pools, including hot tubs and whirlpools. Start with a warm footbath, relax in herbal aroma water, or enjoy a cold waterfall to clear your mind. The beautiful gardens provide a peaceful atmosphere for a dip in the hot tub or whirlpool. Spa Zuiver also offers swimsuit nights every week, allowing guests to enjoy their facilities wearing swimwear.

Spa Zuiver | Koenenkade 8, 1081 KH Amsterdam

2. David Lloyd Club

The David Lloyd Club is a family-friendly spa and fitness center that offers a variety of amenities for both adults and children. The spa facilities include heated loungers, an ice fountain, saunas, a steam room, and whirlpools. While you relax, your little ones can have a dip at the indoor pool or participate in swimming lessons and kids camps. The David Lloyd Club is the perfect place for a day of relaxation and fun for the whole family.

David Llyod Club | Overtoom 557, 1054 LK Amsterdam

3. De Mirandabad

The Mirandabad is a pool park that attracts both sports and swimming enthusiasts. It has a 50 meter swimming pool, perfect for improving your stamina and practicing your strokes. You can play squash to warm up and then cool off with a dip in the swimming pool. Additionally, De Mirandabad offers a wave pool that is open throughout the year, providing a fun experience for both adults and children. The pool park also hosts DJ swim sessions, adding a unique and lively atmosphere to your swimming experience.

Mirandabad | De Mirandalaan 9, 1079 PA Amsterdam

4. Sportplaza Mercator

Located just outside the city center, Sportplaza Mercator offers several swimming pools for health and fitness purposes. From May to August, you can enjoy outdoor swimming in their 50-meter pool. Indoor facilities include a competition pool, and therapy pool. If you become a member or buy a day pass, you can also relax in their Turkish baths and Finnish sauna. Sportplaza Mercator is the perfect place to improve your fitness and relax after a refreshing swim.

Sportplaza Mercator | Jan van Galenstraat 315, 1056 CB Amsterdam

5. Flevoparkba

For a fun day in the sun, Flevoparkbad is the place to be. This outdoor pool complex includes a heated outdoor swimming pool, a 50-meter pool for exercising, a pool with a play island, and a paddle pool for young kids. With ample space for sunbathing and a nearby park for children to play, Flevoparkbad is the perfect weekend hangout spot for families during the summer months.

Flevoparkbad | Insulindeweg 1002, 1095 DH Amsterdam

6. Noorderparkbad Amsterdam

Located in the North of Amsterdam, Noorderparkbad offers both indoor and outdoor swimming options. The large windows of the indoor pools provide a delightful view and allow plenty of sunshine to warm the water. The outdoor pool is perfect for a refreshing swim on a sunny day. After a cool dip, you can enjoy a hot coffee at the coffee shop. Noorderparkbad offers swimming lessons for all ages, making it an ideal destination for families to learn and have fun together.

Noorderparkbad | Sneeuwbalweg 5, 1032 VS Amsterdam

7. Zuiderbad Amsterdam: Casual Swimming with a Historical Touch

Zuiderbad is an old swimming pool in a building from 1897. Originally an indoor biking school, it was transformed into a swimming pool in 1912. With its historical architecture and modern lockers system, Zuiderbad offers a unique swimming experience. They also provide swimming lessons for both kids and adults, ensuring everyone can enjoy the pool safely.

Zuiderbad | Hobbemastraat 26, 1071 ZC Amsterdam

8. Swim Gym

Swim Gym is a unique facility that combines a gym with a 50-meter swimming pool. You can enjoy a private pool experience by reserving a lane for swimming sessions using the Swim Gym app. This allows you to have the benefits of a private pool without the hassle of maintenance. Swim Gym also offers fitness classes and personalized training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Swim Gym | Wibautstraat 131b, 1091 GL Amsterdam

9. Amsterdam Sport De Meercamp

AmstelveenSport De Meercamp is a versatile swimming complex located just outside of Amsterdam. In addition to their indoor swimming pools, they offer recreational facilities suitable for all ages. The complex is known for its low-chlorine water purification system using ozone, which ensures a more pleasant swimming experience. Whether you want to swim laps, participate in aqua sports, or just relax in the pool, AmstelveenSport De Meercamp has something for everyone.

AmstelveenSport De Meercamp | Van der Hooplaan 239, 1185 LN Amstelveen


Amsterdam offers a diverse range of swimming pools that cater to different preferences and interests. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, exercise, family fun, or a private swimming experience, there is a pool in Amsterdam that suits your needs. So, take advantage of the city’s best pools and make a splash during your visit to Amsterdam! Just remember to check the specific opening hours and availability of each swimming pool as they may vary throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Amsterdam canals?

Yes! You can swim in Amsterdam’s canals. However, this is generally not recommended.

What else places can you go for swimming in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, you can go swimming at public swimming pools like De Mirandabad and Het Marnix. Additionally, some parks have natural swimming areas, such as the Amsterdamse Bos. Remember to check the opening hours before visiting.

Are there any outdoor swimming options in the Netherlands apart from pools?

Yes, apart from swimming pools, the Netherlands offers outdoor swimming options like lakes, rivers, and coastal beaches. Popular locations include Zandvoort Beach, Loosdrecht Lakes, and De Biesbosch for a natural swimming experience. Always be aware of safety guidelines and water quality when swimming outdoors.

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