10 Delicious Lunch Spots to Check Out in The Hague!

The Hague is a hub for international politics, a beautiful destination for exploring culture and history… and a hotspot for delicious food! When it comes to lunchtime, The Hague’s neighborhoods are full of options to choose from. From trendy brunch places to the most authentic world cuisine eateries, this guide will help you discover the finest lunch spots in The Hague!

1. kaafii

From Turkish eggs to jalapeño grilled cheese pancakes, one thing your meal at Kaafi will not lack is flavor. This casual brunch spot located in The Hague’s Hofkwartier neighborhood combines the best of world cuisine in its menu. Each and every dish here is richly spiced and simply delicious! For the coffee lovers among us, Kaafi also serves an excellent selection of coffee brews from various roasters and origins. Their pastries are also super tasty and will pair really well with your coffee!

Kaafi | Prinsestraat 25, Centrum

2. balafi manouche

Baladi Manouche is the most convenient place for a quick bite in The Hague. This authentic Lebanese eatery specializes in manouches – freshly-made flatbreads with delicious toppings such as cheese, falafel, and shawarma. With prices starting at just around 4 euros, this is a super affordable lunch spot in The Hague. With lots of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, Baladi Manouche is sure to please all visitors!

Baladi Manouche | Torenstraat 95, Centrum

3. hug the tea

Matcha is the star on Hug The Tea’s menu. But despite this East Asian specialty being best known as a tea blend, Hug The Tea is more than just a spot for afternoon tea. This trendy eatery also serves deliciously green sandwiches, salads, pancakes, and desserts. So, if you’re the kind of person who’s always looking to try something new, Hug The Tea is an amazing lunch option in the center of The Hague. Plus, you won’t have to worry about eating enough greens here!

Hug The Tea | Papestraat 13, Centrum

4. sam sam

Sam Sam is a cheerful lunchroom located just on the way to The Hague’s Noordeinde Palace. Their menu is super varied, with smoothies, sandwiches, eggs, and more. We love that you can opt for a half-portioned sandwich – it makes it the perfect lunch place to visit with kids. They are also open for takeaway, so you can grab yourself a quick, tasty bite on your way to the palace!

Sam Sam | Noordeinde 162, Centrum

5. john & june’s

John & June’s is an amazing place for some fresh and homemade lunch in The Hague’s Zeeheldenkwartier. The atmosphere here matches the food: it’s super welcoming and cozy! John & June’s menu includes egg dishes, toasts, quiches, and soups. If you have a sweet tooth, their cakes will be the most delicious cure for your cravings. If you’d like to try a little bit of everything, you can also opt for their high tea. Just don’t forget to book beforehand!

John & June’s | Tasmanstraat 128, Zeeheldenkwartier

6. plenty

Plenty is a 100% plant-based eatery that serves delicious and nourishing dishes. The food here is anything but obvious – their menu includes options such as spelt pancakes with oven-baked pear and a tempeh sandwich with pumpkin spread! This is a great lunch spot in The Hague not just for vegans, but for anyone that likes to try out different combinations of flavors. Also, the vibe at Plenty is so peaceful you’ll feel like you just stopped in time!

Plenty | Piet Heinstraat 37, Zeeheldenkwartier

7. nefeli deli

Culture in The Hague is not just in the city’s incredible museums, but also in its authentic world cuisine eateries. And Nefeli Deli is certainly one of them! This Greek delicatessen serves a rotating menu that will amaze you every time you visit. Their offerings always cater to all tastes, with flavorful vegetarian, vegan, and meat options that change every week. Plus, the atmosphere gives off a Mediterranean vibe like no other – you might even feel like you’re truly in Greece!

Nefeli Deli | Valeriusstraat 88, Stadhoudersplantsoen

8. daytime

Daytime is a fine and welcome addition to The Hague’s historic center. Located in the Buurtschap 2005 district, DayTime is a lunch spot with an Indonesian twist. Their menu includes fragrant and delicious dishes, such as gado gado wraps, soto ajam, and Asian-style salmon sandwiches. Convivial and relaxing, this is the perfect place for a lunch stop on a day full of exploring The Hague’s landmarks!

DayTime | Denneweg 5, Centrum

9. baardman

Baardman is an incredible restaurant in the Bezuidenhout neighborhood of The Hague, close to the Haagse Bos. They serve Mediterranean food in a creative and tasty way here. Dishes on their menu include a codfish tortilla, a jamón and provolone sandwich, and a mackerel salad with apple. This is the perfect lunch place to visit if you’re looking for a meal that feels sophisticated without breaking the bank!

Baardman | Theresiastraat 18A, Bezuidenhout

10. foam

Another delicious vegan lunch spot in The Hague! FOAM serves colorful, fresh, healthy dishes that will fill your belly and bring a smile to your face. Here you can try a tasty vegan BLTA made with homemade tempeh bacon, a Mexican-loaded sweet potato with chipotle pecan salsa, or some gluten-free oat pancakes with salted caramel. If it’s sunny, you can enjoy all of that on their beautiful terrace – highly recommended!

FOAM | Frederikstraat 44, Centrum

As you can see, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to great lunch spots in The Hague! To make the most of the Haagse gastronomic scene, be sure to visit some of the places on this list. If you’re looking to learn a bit more about The Hague, check out this post. And don’t forget to tag us on social media (@dernederlanden) when you share your photos of the city! 😉🇳🇱

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