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Exploring Maastricht at Night: The 06 Best Nightshops

nightshops in maastricht

Planning to experience Maastricht’s lively nightlife? Checkout our guide to the city’s top nightshops, where locals and visitors alike indulge in late-night snacks, beverages, and essentials. Whether you prefer a cozy atmosphere or a lively environment, find the perfect spots to satisfy your cravings well into the night.

1. Avondwinkel Arya;

Avondwinkel Arya, situated in the heart of Maastricht at Brusselsestraat 10, is a cherished spot in the neighborhood known for late-night cravings. This cozy nightshop is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a snack or drink after hours.

With its  wide variety of snacks, drinks, and essentials, Avondwinkel Arya has become a top choice for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re craving a late-night treat or need something to enjoy during an evening walk, this nightshop has everything you need.

2. Nightshop Maastricht

This Nightshop Maastricht offers a unique blend of convenience and culinary delights. In addition to a selection of drinks, snacks, and other essentials,  this spot offers a variety of small plates and natural wines for those craving a sophisticated late-night treat. Making things even easier, Nightshop Maastricht offers a home delivery service, ensuring that customers can enjoy their selections at home.

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3. Avondwinkel Heer;

If you explore Maastricht, you’ll find Avondwinkel Heer, a convenient spot for late-night shopping. Here, you can find a variety of items like drinks, snacks, and everyday necessities, making sure that locals have what they need even after hours.

4. Coffeeshop Misouri;

If you’re looking for a comfy spot away from the busy nightlife, Coffeeshop Missouri is the place to go. With its cozy vibe and tasty menu, it’s more than just a coffee shop. Alongside their great coffee, they offer delicious snacks like pastries, sandwiches, and light bites, perfect for a late-night treat or hanging out with friends.

Big Snack Sjefke's

5. Big Snack Trefpunt;

Right in the center of Maastricht, you’ll find “Big Snack ‘t Trefpunt”, a paradise for bakery enthusiasts. Here, they focus on freshly baked bread, pies, and cakes, providing a delicious variety of sweet and savory delights for everyone. Additionally, they offer a selection of savory snacks, making it a perfect stop for a late-night snack or a post-dinner delight.

6. Big Snack Sjefke’s

Everything there is to know about the Netherlands

Just a short distance from Maastricht, you’ll find one of the best Nightshop in Mastricht Big Snack Sjefke’s, a go-to spot for delicious savory snacks and tasty treats. Here, you can enjoy a tempting menu with fries, burgers, and a variety of fried snacks, whether you’re in a hurry or looking to relax and indulge with friends.