Exploring The Hague’s Red Light District: A Unique Experience

The Hague red light district

As the sun sets over the picturesque city of The Hague, there’s something interesting for travelers to check out: Den Haag Red Light District. It might not be as famous as the one in Amsterdam, but The Hague’s red light area has its own special vibe and stories. This article will provide you with all essential details you need to know about this intriguing part of the city.

The Geleenstraat: The Heart of The Hague’s Red Light District

The Hague’s Red-Light District is primarily situated in the Geleenstraat and Hunsestraat area, adorned with approximately 152 red-light windows. This area follows specific rules to protect the safety and dignity of sex workers, who are mostly from Eastern Europe and the Dutch nationals. Unlike Amsterdam’s busy red-light district, the Geleenstraat offers a quieter, more intimate atmosphere. It’s a place where adults can explore the city’s nightlife in unique ways.

Regulations And Laws

The operation of The Hague’s Red Light District is governed by a set of strict regulations and laws that aim to protect the rights and safety of both sex workers and visitors. The city has implemented a comprehensive licensing system that ensures all establishments and workers meet certain standards. . This includes regular health checks, and mandatory condom use.

Beyond The Windows: Exploring The Neighborhood:

While the Geleenstraat is the main attraction, don’t overlook the opportunity to explore the nearby area. Take a leisurely stroll through historic streets adorned with centuries-old buildings. Discover local cafes, art galleries, and parks in this picturesque and historic city.

den haag red light district

Practical Tips For Visitors:

  • Respect and Discretion: Remember that these women deserve respect and privacy. Avoid taking photos or behaving intrusively.
  • Safety First: Be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution, especially at night.
  • Local Insights:  Engage in conversations with local residents. They can provide unique insights and recommendations that guidebooks often miss.

Service Pricing:

The prices vary, and the service providers are generally respectful and professional. The standard price for services is approximately EUR 50 for a duration of 20-25 minutes, although prices may vary.

Operating Hours

The district’s operating hours are typically from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM from Monday to Thursday. The hours extend to 1:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.


While the Hague’s Red Light District is smaller than those in other Dutch cities, it remains a controversial and intriguing area. Visitors should approach it with respect for the sex workers and adhere to the city’s rules and regulations.

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