best vlaii in maastricht netherlands

The Top 07 Vlaai Spots You Can’t Miss in Maastricht This Year

best vlaii in  Maastricht , Netherlands

In Maastricht, a city in the southernmost part of the Netherlands, there’s an old tradition of making Limburgse vlaai, a delicious pie with a rich history. Loved by locals and visitors alike, you can find this regional delicacy in cozy bakeries and famous patisseries throughout the city. Let’s explore some of the best vlaai bakeries in Maastricht and enjoy every bite of this culinary tradition.

1. Bakkerij Mathieu Hermans:

Bakkerij Mathieu Hermans is a wonderful bakery known for its delicious vlaai. This family-owned bakery has been making vlaai for generations using traditional recipes. Whether you try the classic rice pudding vlaai or the fruit-filled ones, each slice shows their commitment to quality and tradition.

In addition to their famous vlaai, Bakkerij Mathieu Hermans offers a variety of delicious treats, including befaamde suikerbollen (sugar buns) and koffiebroodjes (coffee pastries).  

2. Pastisserie Peter Lemmens:

Located in the charming Sint Pieter neighborhood, Patisserie Peter Lemmens has been delighting customers for over 30 years. This patisserie combines traditional techniques with innovative flavors to create exceptional treats.

Their Amaretto Gateau, with layers of macaron base, mokka buttercream, amaretto, and meringue, is a standout. For traditional flavors, try their Limburgse vlaai, available in classic cherry and gooseberry meringue.

Beyond vlaai, Patisserie Peter Lemmens offers a variety of sweet and savory delicacies, ensuring every visit is a delightful experience.

3. De Bisschopsmolen:

Housed in a historic watermill building, this bakery invites you to step back in time while indulging in the finest Limburgse vlaai and freshly baked bread.

De Bisschopsmolen’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients and adhering to traditional baking methods is evident in every bite. Their selection of Limburgse vlaai includes both classic fruit varieties and innovative vegan options, ensuring that everyone can savor the delicious flavors of this regional delicacy.

Beyond the bakery’s tantalizing offerings, De Bisschopsmolen also boasts a charming ambiance, with the soothing sound of the watermill’s wheel adding to the enchanting atmosphere. 

4. Patisserie Royale:

Located in Maastricht’s Wyck neighborhood, Patisserie Royale has been a beloved bakery since 1929. Famous for its Limburgse vlaai, made with tramaastrichditional recipes, this patisserie offers a cozy atmosphere.

Step inside and enjoy the warm ambiance. From classic fruit-filled vlaai to unique flavors like raspberry and rhubarb, each slice reflects the bakery’s dedication to quality. Besides vlaai, Patisserie Royale offers a variety of sweet and savory treats, making every visit a delight.

5. Bakkerij Paulissen:

With multiple locations throughout Maastricht and its surrounding areas, Bakkerij Paulissen is a beloved local bakery known for preserving regional culinary traditions. The aroma of freshly baked goods fills the air, inviting visitors to indulge.

One of Bakkerij Paulissen’s highlights is the Limburgs boterbroodje, a traditional butter roll that’s best enjoyed fresh from the oven with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Bakkerij Paulissen also excels in vlaai baking, offering weekly specials like the apple-victoria vlaai, a delicious twist on the classic fruit tart.

Where To Find;

Bakkerij Paulissen has 10 bakeries in and around Maastricht | Almost all their bakeries are open daily

6. Bakkerij De Bisschop:

Situated in a historic building in the heart of Maastricht, Bakkerij De Bisschop invites you to step back in time while enjoying the finest Limburgse vlaai and freshly baked bread.

Bakkerij De Bisschop uses only the best ingredients and traditional baking methods. Their selection of Limburgse vlaai includes classic fruit varieties and innovative vegan options, ensuring everyone can savor these delicious treats. The bakery’s charming ambiance, enhanced by the historic building, adds to the enchanting atmosphere.

7. Bisschopsmolen:

The Bisschopsmolen is a historic gem that has been captivating visitors for centuries. This old watermill, with its cozy atmosphere and rich history, is the perfect place to enjoy the city’s famous vlaai.

 As you step inside,  the smell of fresh bread and the sight of skilled bakers at work welcome you. From traditional Limburg flans to creative vegan options, every bite celebrates the city’s culinary heritage.


 Maastricht’s vlaai is more than just a dessert; it’s a delicious legacy crafted and preserved over generations. Made by skilled bakers and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, this iconic treat is a cherished part of the city’s culture.