6 Must-See Museums in Rotterdam That Will Blow Your Mind

best museums in rotterdam

Rotterdam is a modern city that is always brimming with energy. In this bustling and vibrant place there is truly never a moment of boredom, whether you’re looking for a night of bar-hopping or simply want to go for a stroll in the city center. Rotterdam offers a great diversity of cultures, food, and art. We consider it to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands!

If you ever find yourself wandering around on a free afternoon or looking for a remarkable date spot, you can never go wrong with museums. From digital art to architecture, contemporary art to Dutch classics – here are six unforgettable museums for your next visit to Rotterdam:

1. dutch pinball museum

Ah, who doesn’t love losing themselves in an arcade for a couple of hours? In between the sounds and flashing lights, there’s a soothing sense of timelessness that can’t be matched anywhere else. If pinball machines are your kryptonite, then the Dutch Pinball Museum is definitely for you. This quirky museum holds over a hundred pinball machines, some dating back as far as World War II. But here’s the kicker: they’re not just for viewing… you can play, too!

Located in De Dubbelde Palmboom, a historic building located in Rotterdam’s Delfshaven, this museum has both a unique and nostalgic feel to it, offering a super cool interactive experience for anyone looking to lose track of time for a little while.

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2. natural history museum rotterdam

When you’re going through your daily motions, sometimes it’s easy to forget that people have only graced this earth for a minuscule fracture of time. Visiting Rotterdam’s Natural History Museum will put that into perspective for you.

From fossils to animal skeletons, here you can take a trip through time that goes back thousands of years to learn about life on earth before humans ever walked on it. The museum’s most popular exhibition is called ‘Dead Animal Tales’, which explores the modern consequences of the collision between the human and animal worlds. Prepare for lots of lively discussions on your museum trip here – this one truly offers a lot of opportunities for contemplation and reflection.

3. remeastered

From Van Gogh to Mondrian, Van Rijn to Vermeer. You may already be more than familiar with the Dutch Masters of the art world, but I can almost certainly guarantee that you’ve never experienced them like this. Remastered takes you on a journey through the classics, but with a big twist. Beamers light up the whole room with masterful brush strokes of artists long gone – not a single surface isn’t covered by vibrant, moving colors. Watch as a Van Gogh becomes alive right before your eyes as you blend in with the art that surrounds you.

In addition to the Dutch Masters, Remastered has multiple rooms with each lending to a completely different visual experience. Feeling creative? You can also create your own digital art while you’re visiting the museum. All in all, Remastered offers a harmonious and immersive experience for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

4. kunsthal rotterdam

Are you excited by the prospect of never knowing what you’re gonna find around the next corner? Then this might be the museum for you. Kunsthal Rotterdam’s first and foremost mission is to make art accessible for everyone – regardless of age, background, or taste. What you’ll find is that no two exhibitions are ever the same, and they never stay for long. Whether you’re into photography, fashion, modern art, culture, or design; there is something for every type of person. Diversity is one of their core values and they love the element of contrast between art forms, making each visit truly extraordinary.

5. kijk-kubus

‘Eccentric’ and ‘unique’ are the words that come to mind when trying to describe the Kijk-Kubus. Designed by architect Piet Blom and heavily inspired by the Structuralist art-

movement, the Kijk-Kubus is not simply a museum. It’s a series of tilted, cube-shaped apartments that, although it may not look like it at first glance, are fully livable spaces inhabited by Rotterdam residents.

This odd museum is located in Oude Haven, a historic center in the city, and challenges all common norms and conventions. It’s considered an architectural wonder by fans and critics alike. Whether you’re passionate about architecture or simply curious to see something you’ve never seen before, the Kijk-Kubus is a must-visit.

6. wereldmuseum rotterdam

If you’ve always been a fan of Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum, then this is definitely a must-see on your next trip to Rotterdam. Wereldmuseum Rotterdam is about people and culture, and questions why we value the things we find important. Current exhibitions cover topics like the social importance of hip-hop music and the cultural symbolism behind hair – why is hair such a powerful part of our identity?

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam also features a permanent interactive exhibition for children, making this museum a great one for the whole family.

Rotterdam’s art scene has so much to offer, from wacky pinball machines to the natural history of this planet. You can stay entertained for hours! If you’re a museum buff and want to check out museums in different cities in the Netherlands, check out our museum guides on The Hague and Amsterdam. For more tips on the best things to do in the Netherlands, check out our travel blog here. And don’t forget to tag us on social media (@dernederlanden) on your next trip to the Netherlands!

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