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Tipping in the Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Tipping in the Netherlands

Tipping in the Netherlands/Amsterdam can leave visitors feeling puzzled and confused. Though the Dutch tend to be quite laid back when it comes to gratuities, certain situations call for tipping more than others. So if you’re unsure of who, when, and how much to tip in the Netherlands, we’ve got your back!  This ultimate guide will teach you everything you need to know about tipping in the Amsterdam, city of Netherlands. 

Do You Tip In The Netherlands?

Tipping in the Netherlands isn’t as big of a deal as it is in other countries. That is to say gratuities aren’t always expected and (usually) nobody will be angry if you decide not to tip.

But although tipping is not a social norm in the Netherlands, it is still a common thing to do. And no matter whether you’re taking a tour around Amsterdam or sipping a tasty drink in Rotterdam, tips are always welcome and appreciated. Keep reading to learn more about the tipping culture in the Netherlands.

How Top Tip In The Netherlands?

Tipping in the Netherlands is incredibly easy! In most cases, the customary tip amount is around 5 to 10% of the bill. If you’d like to reward kind service, tipping is possible with both cash and card. If you’re paying cash, leave a couple loose notes or coins behind. And when paying by card, just ask the staff to add a specific amount to your bill. Some places will also have a tip jar where you can throw in however much cash your heart desires to share!

Tipping Etiquette in Amsterdam: The Do’s and Don’ts;

In Amsterdam, tipping etiquette differs slightly from what you may be used to. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Do tip in restaurants: Leaving around 5-10% of the bill is customary for good service. Some restaurants will add a service charge to the bill, in which case tipping is not expected.
  • Do tip taxi drivers: Round up the fare to the nearest 5 or 10 euros or tip around 10% of the total fare. Most taxis accept both cash and cards.
  • Do tip hotel staff: Leave 2-3 euros per night for housekeeping when you check out—tip bellhops around 2 euros per bag. Concierge and room service tipping is appreciated but optional.
  • Don’t tip in cafes or bars: In Amsterdam, tipping baristas, bartenders, or cafe staff is not customary or expected. They are paid fair wages, and tips are not relied upon.
  • Don’t tip tour guides: Most tour guides in Amsterdam are paid adequately by their companies and do not rely on tips. While tips are always appreciated, they are not expected or mandatory.
  • Don’t tip for counter or takeaway service: Tipping is for table service only in Amsterdam—no need to leave a tip when ordering or paying at a counter or for takeaway.

Tipping in Amsterdam follows typical European custom where tips are meant as a small token of appreciation for good service, not as a substitute for fair wages. You can always ask your server or taxi driver about their tipping policy when in doubt. But as a general rule, in Amsterdam, you should tip in restaurants, taxis and hotels, but not in bars, cafes, or for tours or counter service. Sticking to these guidelines will help you avoid any tipping faux pas!

Are Service Charges Included In Bills In The Netherlands?

You will rarely ever see an additional charge added to your bill in the Netherlands. Unlike other countries, in the Netherlands the price you see on the menu or bill is typically the final price you pay.  However, some fancy restaurants may throw in a service charge of around 10 to 15 percent. If this happens, keep in mind that the service charge is entirely optional and you can request to have it excluded from your bill.

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Is Tipping In The Netherlands, A Good Etiquette?

tipping In Netherlands restaurants

It is common to tip at restaurants, bars and cafés in the Netherlands. But again, no one will act angry should you choose not to tip. Restaurant staff in the Netherlands tend to get paid minimum wage – which is not as outrageously low as in other countries, but is still quite low for the cost of living in big cities.

How Much To Tips In Restaurants Of Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

When dining out in Amsterdam, tipping is customary but not mandatory. Aim for 10% of your total bill as a general rule of thumb. Feel free to leave up to 15% if the service is exceptional.

For meals, leave your tip in cash on the table or add it to your bill when paying by card. Many restaurants will have tip jars at the counter for smaller accounts. As for bars, if paying in cash, leave your tip in the pot. If paying by card, ask the bartender if you can add a tip to the bill.

At high-end restaurants where service is impeccable, tips are on the higher end of the scale. For average cafés and casual dining spots, 10% is perfectly polite. Only tip very little or not at all if the service was inferior.

Hotels often add a service charge to bills, but it’s customary to leave a euro or two per bag when bellhops assist with your luggage. As for taxis, round the fare to the following total euro amount or add an extra euro or two.

While the tipping culture in Amsterdam is less ingrained than in the States, hospitality staff across the city always welcomes your appreciation for good service through a small gratuity. So when in doubt, tip! Your kind gesture will help ensure Amsterdam’s overall dining and nightlife experience remains world-class.

Should You Tip Tour Guides In The Netherlands;

Had a fantastic time learning about Dutch cities and culture from a tour guide? We encourage you to tip your tour guide if they were especially knowledgeable and friendly. Again, it is not expected but highly appreciated.

However, one exception is worth mentioning here: free walking tour guides generally make all their salary from tips. So if you’re taking one, make sure to reward your guide generously!

Tipping To Taxi Drivers;

Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary in the Netherlands. Taxi prices in Dutch cities tend to be quite high already, so your driver will not expect a tip.  For outstanding service, you can always express your gratitude by asking your taxi driver to round up the bill. They’ll be more than happy to do so! You also are not expected to tip ridesharing app drivers – such as Uber or Bolt. But should you choose to do so, you can tip both in cash or via the app itself.

tipping in Netherlands Taxi

Should You Tip Hair Dressers In The Netherlands?

You don’t need to tip hairdressers or spas in the Netherlands. Again, these services already tend to be quite expensive in the Netherlands – at least in cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam.
Did a hairdresser in the Netherlands just give you a fabulous new haircut? You can always leave a couple extra to show how much you’ve enjoyed their service. 

Should You Tip Delivery Drivers In The Netherlands?

No matter whether you’re ordering a meal or groceries, delivery drivers in the Netherlands will not expect to be tipped. However, we do recommend that you leave a couple extra euros in case your delivery person just had to bike through the rain, cold and/or wind to bring you food. Dutch weather can be ruthless and the chances that your delivery ‘driver’ actually rides a bike through such poor weather conditions are very high!


When it comes to tipping in the Amsterdam the city of Netherlands, the bottom line is: tip when you are happy with the service you’ve received.  Of course, there are other considerations you can make when deciding if and how much to tip – such as whether your service provider would be making enough money if you didn’t. But ultimately, all you really know is how good the quality of the service was. 

So, don’t be afraid to go the Dutch way: trust your instincts, be generous when it feels right, and let your gratitude shine through those tips! 😉🇳🇱