best swimming pool rotterdam

Top 15 Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools In Rotterdam

best swimming pool rotterdam

Rotterdam, offers a plethora of swimming pools for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an indoor oasis or an outdoor retreat, Rotterdam has something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 15 swimming pools in Rotterdam, categorized into indoor and outdoor options. So grab your swimsuit and let’s dive into the ultimate aquatic adventure!

1. Indoor Swimming Pools in Rotterdam:

1. Van Maanenbad:

Located in Blijdorp, Van Maanenbad is renowned as one of the most stunning swimming pools in Rotterdam. This indoor facility features a pool straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, with its unique design and ambiance. What sets Van Maanenbad apart is its offering of both an indoor and outdoor pool, providing the perfect setting for year-round swimming. The outdoor pool is accompanied by a spacious picnic area, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun.

 Van Maanenbad | Van Maanenstraat 8, 3038 CZ Rotterdam | Monday to Sunday – 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

2. Recreatiecentrum Oostervant:

Conveniently situated in Rotterdam-West, Recreatiecentrum Oostervant is more than just a swimming pool. Alongside its pool facilities, this center offers a range of additional amenities, including a bowling alley and various sports facilities. After your swim, you can engage in a fun-filled activity to complement your aquatic experience.

Recreatiecentrum Oostervant| Oostervantstraat 25, 3021 PT Rotterdam | Monday to Sunday – 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

3. Het Alexanderhof:

For those residing near Rotterdam Alexander, Het Alexanderhof is an excellent choice. This swimming pool offers a variety of “Aqua” classes suitable for all ages, such as aerobic and jogging sessions. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or simply enjoy a refreshing swim, Het Alexanderhof has you covered.

Het Alexanderhof | Bramanteplein 2, 3066 BH Rotterdam | Monday to Sunday – Varies, check website for specific times

4. Oostelijk Zwembad

Nestled in the picturesque neighborhood of Kralingen, Oostelijk Zwembad may not be the largest swimming pool, but its architectural beauty makes it a must-visit. The building’s interior boasts a stunning glass roof, creating a serene atmosphere for swimmers. Enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating swim in this charming pool.

Gerdesiaweg 480, 3061 RA Rotterdam |Oostelijk Zwembad | Monday to Sunday – Varies, check website for specific times

5. Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring

Just outside of Rotterdam, in Zevenkamp, you’ll find Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring. This facility not only offers a swimming pool but also features a steam sauna, whirlpool, and fitness areas. After your swim, you can indulge in some relaxation or continue your workout routine.

Zevenkampse Ring 301, 3068 HG Rotterdam | Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring | Monday to Sunday – 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

6. Sportcentrum De Rozenburcht:

If you reside near Botlek or Brielle, Sportcentrum De Rozenburcht is an ideal choice for your swimming needs. It is a sports complex that offers a range of programs and activities for all ages. Dive into the swimming pool and enjoy the facilities this center has to offer.

 Zuidzijde 35, 3181 LR Rozenburg | Sportcentrum De Rozenburcht | Monday to Sunday – Varies, check website for specific times

7. Sportcentrum De Wilgenring:

Located in Hillegersberg-Schiebroek, Sportcentrum De Wilgenring offers a swimming pool perfect for both leisurely swims and energetic water activities. Additionally, this center provides squash courts for those seeking a bit of friendly competition after their swim.

Melanchtonweg 70, 3052 KV Rotterdam | Sportcentrum De Wilgenring | Monday to Sunday – Varies, check website for specific times

8. Sportcentrum West:

Sportcentrum West presents a unique twist on the traditional swimming pool experience. Alongside its swimming facilities, this center offers beach volleyball courts, allowing you to enjoy a game of volleyball without venturing to an actual beach. Embrace the summer vibes and have fun in the sand!

Spaanseweg 2-4, 3028 HW Rotterdam | Sportcentrum West |Monday to Sunday

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Rotterdam:

9. Zwembad Afrikaanderplein:

Zwembad Afrikaanderplein is a neighborhood swimming pool that caters to young children and offers swimming lessons. It’s an ideal spot for kids to learn to swim and host birthday parties with their friends.

Jacominastraat 41, 3072 SC Rotterdam | Zwembad Afrikaanderplein

10. Zwembad Hoek van Holland:

Situated in the coastal town of Hoek van Holland, this outdoor swimming pool, also known as Hoekse Badje, offers a refreshing escape on hot summer days. Take a dip in the pool or enjoy some invigorating laps in the open air.

 De Cordesstraat 160, 3151 BN Hoek van Holland | Zwembad Hoek van Holland

11. Zwembad Hoogvliet:

Zwembad Hoogvliet boasts a competition pool suitable for both lap swimming and swimming lessons. Additionally, the facility offers enjoyable swimming sessions where you can simply relax and enjoy the water without any specific performance requirements.

Middenbaan Zuid 400, 3191 AH Hoogvliet Rotterdam |  Zwembad Hoogvliet

12. Zwembad Overschie:

Zwembad Overschie may be small in size, but it offers a cozy and welcoming environment for swimmers. This L-shaped pool includes a shallow end, making it suitable for both children and adults. The location is also wheelchair-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all.

Burgemeester Koningssingel 45, 3042 NK Rotterdam | Zwembad Overschie

13. Zwembad Pernis:

For residents of Pernis, Zwembad Pernis provides a refreshing outdoor swimming experience. This 25-meter pool with five lanes is perfect for those seeking a cool swim on sunny days.

Ring 220, 3195 XR Pernis | Zwembad Pernis |

14. Zwemcentrum Rotterdam Charlois:

Situated in the southern part of Rotterdam, Zwemcentrum Rotterdam Charlois boasts Olympic-sized pools, including a 50-meter pool and a 25-meter pool. This impressive facility caters to top-level water polo and swimming clubs, but also welcomes swimmers of all levels to enjoy the aquatic experience.

Annie M.G. Schmidtplein 8, 3083 NZ Rotterdam | Zwemcentrum Rotterdam Charlois

15. ‘t Zwarte Plasje:

In the serene neighborhood of Hillegersberg, you’ll find ‘t Zwarte Plasje, an outdoor pool that stands out as a nature pool. With over 100 years of history, this swimming location blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, providing a unique and refreshing experience.

Oude Raadhuislaan 154, 3054 NT Rotterdam | ‘t Zwarte Plasje


Now that you have discovered the top swimming pools in Rotterdam, it’s time to plan your aquatic adventures. Dive into the pool of your choice, whether indoor or outdoor, and enjoy the refreshing waters and vibrant atmosphere that Rotterdam has to offer. Remember to check the respective websites for specific opening hours and additional information. Happy swimming!