9 Best Swimming Pools in The Hague

Best swimming pools in the hague

When it comes to recreational activities, nothing quite compares to the fun of swimming. Whether you are a local or a tourist in The Hague, you’ll find plenty of great places to take a dip. This guide will show you the nine top swimming spots in The Hague, including five outdoor and four indoor swimming pools.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

1. Zuiderparkbad 

Zuiderparkbad is one of the most popular outdoor swimming facilities in The Hague. Situated right in the city center, it provides a peaceful environment. It’s an ideal spot for family outings and relaxed swimming sessions.

Zuiderparkbad offers several swimming pools catering to different age groups and swimming abilities. They have shallow pools for little ones and deeper ones for adults, making sure everyone has a good time. The swimming complex also provides swimming lessons, fitness classes, and special events throughout the year.

Zuiderparkbad pool The hague


Zuiderparkbad swimming pool in The Hague offers €4.70 entry for visitors aged 14+ and €4 for under 14 and 65+. Water sports cost €7.40, and Fifty fit individual lessons are €3.60 per lesson. Ooievaarspas holders get a 50% discount.

2. Zwembad De Houtzagerij

Among the green parks of Westduinpark, De Houtzagerij discretely differentiates itself by allowing the swimmers to swim in the middle of a natural landscape. This natural pool combines the dunes’ absorbing calm and the seawater’s exhilarating experience. Adding to this, the eco-friendly structure of the De-Houtzagerij, with its focus on sustainability, provides the perfect natural attraction for all those who seek a little more natural way of swimming. 


Although specific prices are not mentioned, it is expected that visitors will pay approximately €4-€6 per session or may consider purchasing a pass for multiple visits.

3. De Blinkered

De Blinkerd stands out with its family-friendly environment and versatile swimming facilities. Whether you want to swim laps or just frolic in the water, this pool has something for everyone. The swimming pool at De Blinkerd allows for free swimming, family swimming, and even offers aquarobic sessions. The facility also has a dedicated play area for kids, making it a perfect destination for family outings. 

De Blinkered Swimming pool in the hague


The adult session fee at De Blinkerd ranges from approximately €4 to €6. Children up to 17 years old typically pay a similar fee to adults.

4. Waterthor

De Waterthor is a unique swimming pool in The Hague, offering both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities. For those who love heated pools, De Waterthor is the place to be. This outdoor swimming pool offers a unique swimming experience with its heated water, even during cold days. De Waterthor offers a competition pool, a paddling pool, and an instruction pool, catering to all types of swimmers. It also offers various swimming programs and lessons for different age groups.


Single admission prices are €5.60 for adults aged 18 years and older, €4.20 for children aged 4 to 17 years, and free for children under 4 years. A 10-visit card, valid for one year, costs €50.40 for adults and €37.80 for children. Swimming lessons using the Swimming-ABC method are priced at €6.30 per lesson for children, while evening lessons for adults are €7.50 per lesson.

5. De Boetzelaer

Located in the pretty town of Monster, a few minutes drive from The Hague, De Boetzelaer is the ideal choice for those looking for an outdoor pool experience with sea views. The saltwater pool offers a unique aquatic adventure and allows visitors to swim in the seawater’s natural environment. De Boetzelaer is the perfect vacation spot with its sandy beach and beautiful views of the shoreline. You can relax, soak up the sun, and take a refreshing swim while enjoying the sea breeze.

De Boetzelaer


For recreational, lap, and family swimming, the rates are €4.70 per visit for individuals aged 14 years and older, and €4 per visit for those under 14 years and aged 65 and above. Multiple-entry tickets are available for 12 visits at €47 (equivalent to paying for 10 visits) and 25 visits at €80 (equivalent to paying for 20 visits).

Water sports for individuals aged 18 years and older are priced at €7.40 per visit, with subscriptions available for 12 times at €74 (equivalent to paying for 10 visits) and 25 times at €148. Fifty Fit sessions are charged at €3.60 per individual lesson, with periods of 7 lessons at €25.20, 8 lessons at €28.80, and 9 lessons at €32.40.

Additionally, if you possess a swimming pass, you will receive a free personal swimming pass upon your first visit to a swimming pool. It is essential to bring your pass with you each time you go swimming. For children aged 4 and above, swimming lessons to graduate the swimming-ABC are available at De Boetzelaer, priced at €49.90 per month on average, with a one-time registration fee of €20.

Indoor Swimming Pools

1. Het Hofbad

Het Hofbad is the first Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool in The Hague. This multipurpose pool can be used for training sessions and regional and national team tournaments. In addition to the fifty-meter swimming pool, there are four diving boards and a five-meter-tall diving tower. The instruction pool has a wild water creek, whirlpool, and lengthy water slide.

Het hofbad pool the hague

Numerous activities are available at the Het Hofbad swimming pool. Children can earn their swimming diplomas at the Het Hofbad swimming pool by taking classes at the De Hofspetters swimming school. De Hofspetters provides playful swimming lessons for kids ages 4 to 12.


General admission costs €4.30 per session, while senior citizens aged 65 and above pay €3.60 per session. For regular visitors, it’s advisable to purchase a pass for multiple visits, typically costing between €4 and €6 per session.

2. De Fluit

Located in Leidschendam, just a short distance from The Hague, Zwembad De Fluit provides an indoor swimming option for residents of both cities. Its spacious indoor pool is ideal for swimming laps, hydro-aerobics, and other recreational activities, making it a versatile spot for both fitness and fun. The swimming pool features a 50-meter pool, 4 diving boards, and a 5-meter high diving tower. Additionally, there’s an instruction pool, a paddling pool, and a large recreational pool with a 60-meter long slide, a whirlpool, and a wild water creek.

de fluit swimming pool


For recreational swimming, lap swimming, and family swimming, the prices vary based on age categories. Individuals aged 14 years and older are charged €4.70 per visit, while those under 14 years old and individuals aged 65 and above pay €4 per visit. Multiple-entry tickets are also available, with a 12-visit pass priced at €47 and a 25-visit pass priced at €80, where you effectively pay for 10 and 20 visits respectively. Water sports for individuals 18 years and older have a set rate of €7.40 per visit, with discounted subscription options for 12 and 25 visits available at €74 and €148 respectively, where you pay for 10 and 20 visits. Fifty Fit individual lessons are also offered, with prices ranging from €3.60 for a single lesson to €32.40 for a period of 9 lessons.

3. Overbosch

The beautiful indoor atmosphere of Zwembad Overbosch in Bezuidenhout makes swimming fun even when the weather is unfavorable. Its heated swimming pool enhances strokes and provides hydrotherapy after a long day. The facility offers five pools, including a children’s pool and a recreational pool with fountains and water beds. Zwembad Overbosch attracts its followers with its friendly staff and a variety of water activities, leading to a pleasant community of water enthusiasts. 

overbosch swimming pool


For adults, each session costs €3.50, while seniors aged 65 and above pay €2.80 per session. If you intend to visit the facility multiple times, it’s advisable to purchase a pass for added convenience. Typically, passes range from €4 to €6 per session, providing greater flexibility for frequent visitors.

4. De Waterthor

Zwembad De Waterthor, with another indoor option available, offers a cozy atmosphere for swimmers who love to experience aquatic activities in various ways. This indoor swimming pool has various features, ranging from lap swimming lanes to leisure swimming pools and water play areas for the young. Waterthor’s swimming pool is a well-respected facility in The Hague and surrounding areas.

de waterthor


For single admission, adults are charged €4.60 per visit, while children up to 16 years old pay €3.10 per visit. If you plan to visit frequently, consider purchasing a 10-visit card. For adults, the card costs €41.40 and is valid for one year, while children’s card costs €27.90. -A 50-visit card is also available, priced at €184.50 for adults and €124.50 for children, both valid for one year.


Swimming is a fun and healthy activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual swimmer, the city of The Hague offers a variety of swimming pools to cater to your needs. So, grab your swimwear and dive into a refreshing swimming experience in one of these fantastic pools in The Hague.

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